History of the Cheat Sheet

GAM is an amazing tool that is invaluable for G Suite administrators. There is a huge number of commands available for managing all aspects of G Suite (basically, if there's an API available GAM has a corresponding command). As GAM expanded in the early days I found it more and more difficult to remember the exact format of all the commands or even all the parameters to some of the commands I used more often. So I created the first version of the cheat sheet as something to stick on the wall next to my computer as a quick reference.

I believe in the value of open source software and supporting the communities that are built around different open source apps. While I have found and patched a couple of bugs in GAM, I'm not a dev and that's about the extent of my ability to contribute to the GAM code base. However, I know that the cheat sheet is useful to me which is why I thought I'd make it available to the GAM community. Turns out that it has been useful to other people too!

There are so many commands now in GAM that the cheat sheet has now grown to 3 pages in the A4 format and 7 pages in the Letter format. I'm not sure where to go from here as it way outgrows a quick reference on the wall - maybe a full on poster?